”” Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring: Do You Need Both?

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring: Do You Need Both?

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Ever wondered what to choose and how to choose the wedding ring? Engagement rings and wedding rings are both significant. By choosing a ring, you can define your unique style and taste in jewelry. The jewelry you choose should be comfortable because you have to wear it every day. 

The usage and priority of the ring depend upon the part of the world you live in. Many people interchangeably use modern engagement rings and wedding rings, thinking they are the same. Well, is the notion correct? Let's find out!

What Are The Biggest Dissimilarities Between Wedding Ring And Engagement Ring?

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  • Timing

First is the timing of offering the ring. The modern engagement ring is offered to a woman/man at the time of a wedding proposal. In contrast, a couple exchanges their wedding ring at the time of the marriage ceremony. They then continue to wear the ring from that point in time.

  • Design

Engagement rings tend to be more lavish and typically jeweled with a diamond stone in the middle. While on the other hand, wedding rings are plain and simple in design. 

  • Occasion - 

One can only offer an engagement ring when both partners are willing to marry. A proposal is the only occasion when one offers an engagement ring to their partner. An engagement ring represents the promise of love that tells other people that a woman is engaged and is getting married soon.

Both spouses wear the wedding band after exchanging holy vows during the marriage ceremony. And wearing the rings symbolizes commitment, love, faithfulness towards their partners.

What Should You Buy First? 

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This answer depends on an individual. What would they like to go for? Be realistic and buy an engagement ring only if you are 100% sure that he/she is perfect and ‘the one whom you want to spend the rest of your life with. 

Talking about wedding rings, those partners who have already crossed the proposal stage and are ready to marry, surely intend to invest further. The last stage is the wedding, where you and your partner shall promise, read vows, and exchange wedding rings.

Gaboni Jewelers introduced the "couple wedding rings set" to cherish these wonderful moments.  

How Many Rings You Should Wear After Getting Married?

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Again this is a personal choice and the cultural influence of an individual.  Most married women prefer to wear both engagement rings and wedding bands. But some only prefer to wear wedding rings. It all depends upon culture, choice, and the bond that a woman shares with her partner.

It is important to understand how crucial it is to show love, affection, and commitment towards your partner and the relationship that you share with him.

Find the Perfect Wedding Ring Set For His/Hers - 

The engagement ring and wedding ring represent the unity and bond towards your better half. Whether seeking an elaborately designed ring or a plain silver wedding ring, you will be pampered by the choices you make with your spouse. We strongly recommend you spend some time before choosing the best suitable ring for your partner.  

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