”” What's a unique material to make a wedding ring with?

What's a unique material to make a wedding ring with?

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Symbolizing commitment, love, and devotion, wedding bands for men and women signify a promise that holds for a lifetime. A commitment to stay with each other is tied through the knot of love. These beautiful wedding rings are worn to show that the two married form the foundational basis of your love for your partner. A certain feeling of excitement persists during the long and hectic wedding planning process. 

Rings types for the Designated Day

Daydreaming about the d-day, setting your budget, choosing the wedding date, or just building the guest list, there is a whole gamut of activities performed before and after the wedding. The one most important of all however is selecting the wedding ring material. Engraving love, the two tied to the knot are also affixed through the wedding band, and thus, the wedding ring material selection becomes quite important. Radiant, dazzling, breathtaking, glamorous, and elegant, the purity of the wedding ring is always described under the shadow of the type of material chosen. With that being said, Gaboni Jewelers brings you a list of the best wedding ring materials to help you embellish your D-day with pride!

1)Tungsten Carbide Rings

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The symbol of eternal love and commitment should be the one that lasts a lifetime. Rings forged through a material excluding the traditional ones such as gold, silver, and platinum come not just as an effective but an affordable and remarkably durable choice. Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest material alloys that the wedding bands crafted through the same will be scratch, rust, and abrasion-resistant. Ensuring longevity, the material brings an everlasting shine bedazzling with a refined finish and luster. Perfect for everyday use and wear, the matte texture will not tarnish or fade over the due course of time. Time to browse our selection of stunning tungsten wedding rings to find the perfect pick for your special day!

2)Black zirconium rings

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The black zirconium wedding bands style you with elegance and sophistication. With the gracefulness, aura, and the very personification of authority, wealth, and beauty, these rings bring in the exquisiteness and uniqueness hard to find in their gold and silver counterparts. The several styles available set you apart from the crowd and let you become the one who blazes a new trail. Preserving decades of piousness, affection, compassion, and joy, the rings symbolize an unending commitment to strengthen with time.

3)Titanium wedding bands

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Prized with amazing strength and utmost durability, titanium wedding bands are contemporary metal ring designs. Their popularity has gone over the roof because of the uniqueness and quality they bring to the table. Their lightweight property, durability, and affordability make them preferable compared to their gold and silver counterparts. These bands, when embellished with cubic zirconia stones, sterling silver inlay, and a variety of 14k gold accents, curate a style to satisfy the taste of every man and woman.

4)Forged Carbon Rings

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Laud these trendy bands and cherish the bond of love! The most rugged, stylish, and trendy designer rings that brim in confidence and empower you on that very special day. The contemporary choices created with the ultimate thought make these masculine rings an absolute style statement and can be adorned on various special occasions. Highly polished and comfort-fit, these trendy rings are crafted for super strength and innovation to last a lifetime. These can easily withstand rough wear and exposure without suffering too much damage. A specimen of some elite craftsmanship, the wedding ring collection lets you ooze with class and the feeling of being on top. 

Fall in love again

The D-day dawns with a bouquet of emotions circumscribing the bride and the groom. The thrill of the wedding day showers in and brings along the unexplained butterflies bloating the stomach. The couple in love has a fair share of nervousness, anxiety, crankiness, and fear. However, the feeling of blissful love counters all when you exchange those very wedding rings. Get ready to select the right one for your partner and hop in the love carriage once again!