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5 things you didn't know about titanium and tungsten wedding bands

Tungsten and titanium wedding bands both fall in the category most admired by men! Brilliantly customized handmade wedding bands and lovingly handcrafted with amazing inlays and etchings, the two varieties of wedding bands are durable, long-lasting, affordable, and scratch-resistant. The tungsten versus titanium debate has been a long discussion that requires answers, satisfying queries raised by the people who have started seeing value as a persistent switch over the show. Yes, demystifying the pertinent clouds of doubts will certainly prove what makes tungsten and titanium bands outclass the most precious metal bands. Opening up the lesser-known facts about both tungsten and titanium wedding bands will let you dive deep into decluttering all mysteries that question the ability of these high-quality materials.

Lesser known facts about titanium and tungsten wedding bands

  • Made for both male and female

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  • It would be unequivocally wrong to say that the tungsten and titanium wedding bands work differently either for men or women. Both these types of wedding bands are made for both men and women. They are fabricated with masculine male designs and garnered with feminine female designs. These bands feature in different shapes and textures versatile enough to call them a unisex use.

  • Which variety could have the upper hand?

  • Tungsten undoubtedly comes up as a better choice even though titanium has its uniqueness! Both the variety of wedding bands are virtuous in their own ways, but different in hardness, toughness, durability, and scratch resistance. None of the two is still superior as both carry individual proprietary designs known to make them different. Tungsten, on one hand, is brittle, whereas titanium is malleable. Also, titanium is corrosion, tarnish, scratch, and break-resistant, so it’s perfectly suitable for wedding bands and jewelry.

  • None of the two is 100% pure

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  • Whether tungsten or titanium, none of the two is 100% pure, and there are some impurities mixed in the alloy. Alloys are more prominent in usage, with titanium and tungsten being used in jewelry designing as it’s difficult to work with 100% pure forms. Adding a pinch of other metal to make the mixture workable helps fabricators achieve the required modifications in design.

  • Great affordable as they both are 

  • Both tungsten and titanium are termed affordable in addition to the high quality they provide. In monetary terms, to be very specific, the two including titanium and tungsten, offer low-cost wedding rings for engagement with quality equivalent to something like gold, silver, or platinum. However, the price range might also vary as per the ring’s design, craftsmanship, quality, and additional elements that help determine its worth.


    Both tungsten and titanium wedding bands can be engraved through a laser engraving process. A rather complex process that determines how well these bands can be presented with the message, symbols, deity, or any other identification you want the band to reflect. 

  • Both are skin-friendly, lightweight, and extra comfortable

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  • Both titanium and tungsten are the best hypoallergenic. These are skin-friendly and do not harm like the other metals commonly known for causing metal allergies. With greatly adjusted to each finger, both titanium and tungsten wedding bands feel lightweight and ultra-comfortable on the fingers(i.e.the best example of smooth and polished backing). Highly adjustable as they are, these cause no problems while reshaping and adjusting with the optimum expansion. Though, these are termed more solid and heavy as per the industry standard but still feel ultra-light when worn.

    Tungsten or titanium-Get suits you best!

    The factors discussed above need to be kept in mind when you opt either for tungsten or a titanium wedding band. Understanding these points of comparison help you determine what’s best as per what you need. Compare the two based on these and other factors you can on and then opt for either!