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Lifetime Warranty

All wedding bands, tungsten rings, black zirconium rings and forged carbon rings are covered by the Gaboni Jewelers lifetime warranty, which upholds the highest standards in the jewelry industry. The Gaboni Jewelers warranty covers defects, accidental damage such as chipping, cracking or breaking and resizing. 
Tungsten is one of the toughest jewelry metals available, making ring resizing impossible. If your ring size ever changes, this warranty will ensure your ring is replaced with a different one free of charge within 60 days from purchase days, after 60 days Gaboni Jewelers charge $10 dollar fee to cover shipping and handling.
Tungsten is scratch-resistant and offers twice the density of steel, but it is not scratch-proof. If your ring shows normal wear and tear, this warranty does not apply.
Engraving your ring does not void any parts of the warranty but warranty does not cover re-engraving, new engraving cost is only $30.
This warranty is only void when any other alterations are made.