”” Tungsten rings are the perfect fit as wedding rings!

Are Tungsten Rings the Best Fit As Wedding Rings ?

There are various precious and non-precious metals today that are being used to make jewellery. Depending upon the price range, the affordability, the ease of availability and the properties, you need to make the best choice to get yourself a perfect jewellery set. Being the mark of togetherness, respect, the cheery spirit and the happy times, these jewelleries have to be perfect.  We also need to understand that they have to be made up of a composition that never lets their shine, lustre and importance fade away. Now here, when we talk of the various attributes linked with the jewellery set, we have to go on by categorical division wherein the wedding rings are the most desirable category that personify love and affection. So let’s now discuss these wedding rings, their material composition, their properties and best ones to be chosen out of all of them on the basis of these characteristics...
A symbol of love,respect, attraction and the attachment of the couple, these wedding rings hold the memories of the past and the reminiscence of the times when the couple got newly married. These wedding rings are the imprints of the good and the bad times one shares with their husband or wife and all those could be remembered in future. When we talk of wedding rings, tungsten-carbide rings have set a benchmark being the best and the latest in the fashion trends for a very long time now.

Tungsten-carbide rings as the most desirable rings!

Being the latest in trend, the tungsten-carbide rings mark an emblem of a joyous and positive spirit associated with weddings. These are the most desirable wedding rings since the material composition of the tungsten-carbide rings is unique. Tungsten-carbide jewellery is affordable. It is the most scratch-resistant material known till now. Its composition has got some nice and light-weight characteristics affixed to it. Therefore being the most durable, affordable and being found in use in varieties makes tungsten-carbide rings all the more desirable. Here when we go deep into reading the material composition on an  individual basis, tungsten metal involved is found to work wonders.

Features of Tungsten that make it the best suited for tungsten-carbide rings

Tungsten in particular is the most used metal here amongst the list of other metals because of certain properties that make it invincible in this arena. Amongst the various other metals such as platinum, palladium, gold, silver, titanium, etc, tungsten stands out very differently due to its physical and chemical properties. Let’s now take a deeper look into this…
Tungsten has a high-melting point around 3380 degree celsius, it's a hard material(and when combined with carbon becomes the hardest known), It is a heavy metal with high density and so has high tensile strength. The high shape stability, a large electric resistance and the exquisite toughness of the metal makes it the perfect fit for jewelleries. The ease of affordability as compared to the other precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, etc makes it all the more preferable.
With tungsten being the core of the tungsten-carbide rings, let’s now look at how tungsten combining with carbon works great in a jewellery set...

Properties of the Tungsten-carbide rings

1) These rings are durable

The combination of tungsten-carbide used is extravagant. The tungsten metal in particular has a high durability and higher resistance to scratches therefore, the rings become highly durable and scratch-free. This now becomes essential for the men who actually have a very rough and tough kind of lifestyle. Their lives are much vulnerable to physical abrasions and with such an active lifestyle, the rings have to be tough. The rings never bend and retain their shape for a prolonged period of time. You could even apply a hammer but to no result since the rings would keep the shape intact even under strenuous conditions.

2) Tungsten as the main material does not rust or tarnish

Thereby ensuring that the polish remains for an extended period of time. Your rings say for instance are made of sterling silver as the core material and thus in that case it is sure to rust, since sterling silver also tarnishes. You could also take titanium here as an example that forms a blue patina with time, or even stainless steel that will eventually rust as well. This shows how tungsten does this job a million times better when it comes to either rusting or tarnishing.

3) Lower cost associated with the ease of affordability

Tungsten-carbide rings have a cheaper price tag attached when it comes to affordability. Being in trend and coming in innumerable varieties and forms, these tungsten-carbide rings are easily available as well. As compared to the other metals that are highly priced and precious including gold, silver and platinum, tungsten in the tungsten-carbide rings gives in a sleek sophisticated and a very modest look with a much lighter price tag.

4) The shine and the polish never fades and the rings are hypoallergenic

The tungsten-carbide rings are scratch-free and thereby ensure that the shine and polish remains forever. You just cannot beat the lustre that tungsten brings with it. Even the precious metals won’t give you that lustre and shine. On the other hand, tungsten is hypoallergenic, so if you are exposed to a lot many allergies, they won’t happen with tungsten.

5) Easier to remove and wear!

In an emergency case such as an operation or a surgery or something that needs an immediate removal of the ring, the tungsten-carbide rings prove the best choice. Easily removable as they are, they are never stuck in your fingers and are a quick remove option. This makes them fit really well with the size of the fingers as compared to the other gold, silver or platinum rings.
With having justified the tungsten-carbide rings as the best ones, it's time now to conclude!

Tungsten-carbide rings certainly shape as the best choice for wedding rings

Wedding rings are the gestures for a lifetime! The feeling of the forever bond, the love, the affection and the attachment that the couple shares is because of the ring they exchange. These wedding rings certainly have a humongous role to play in the life of a married couple. The couple therefore is very much conscious before choosing their rings. They have to give it a comprehensive look checking it on all parameters including the budget, the looks, the durability, the lush and lustre, the weight and everything else. A wedding ring is perfect only when it best fits all these parameters and there is no room for any disappointment.
The tungsten carbide rings shape themselves as the best option as the wedding rings. They give an aura of togetherness, versatility, building connection and affectionate gestures. Additionally they have tungsten as their core composition and so get adorned with the refined properties of it. Therefore, when it's about choosing the wedding rings, there are innumerable varieties available for making tungsten-carbide rings your ultimate  choice.