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From Classic to Contemporary: A Comprehensive Review of the Best Men's Wedding Bands Styles

Wearing wedding bands among men has become popular only recently, as a symbol of showcasing the love they share with their partner. With the introduction of different styles and types of wedding rings, men have started to flaunt their rings and choose wisely as to what kind of bands they want to go for.

Today, we're going to discuss some of the Best Men's Wedding Bands that not only give a sleek look to your finger but also last long. Get ready to explore them below!

Tungsten Carbide Rings

Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten Wedding Bands are the best alternative for men's wedding bands because of their exceptional endurance, sleek modern design, and variety of style possibilities. These reasonably priced wedding bands are hypoallergenic, resistant to tarnish and scratches, and far less expensive than gold or platinum.

Try looking at this Gold Knot Tungsten Ring which gives a classic yet fashionable look. Having a clean knot design and smooth steps on the side, this tungsten ring speaks for the craftsmen and their skills.

Whiskey Barrel Rings

Whiskey Barrel Rings

Are you trying to find a ring that strikes the perfect balance of tradition, artistry, and meaning? Presenting Whiskey Barrel Rings crafted from used whiskey barrels, which have a rich history.

These rings are appropriate for daily use because they are strong, light, and comfy. Every ring is a representation of time, skill, and shared experiences, carrying the essence of the whisky it previously held. Whisky barrel rings are a unique option for the best men's wedding bands due to their aged appearance, which enhances their visual appeal. In short, it's a great way to show each other how much you care and how committed you are.

White Tungsten Rings

White Tungsten modern gents rings

What can be a better way to represent the unfading shine of your love for each other than White Tungsten Rings? Tungsten's unique appearance remains constant over the years as it doesn't lose its luster easily.

Many grooms are impressed by the metal’s robustness and longevity. Tungsten modern gents rings are more resilient to scratches and will not bend as readily as other metals because of their high durability. They are a cost-effective substitute for rings made of precious metals, much like all other alternative metals. Furthermore, a tungsten ring is the perfect choice if one is usually sensitive to other metals, like gold.

Black Zirconium Rings

black wedding rings

Black zirconium is a suitable choice if you are looking for men’s wedding bands that symbolize a lifetime of strength, durability, and dedication. Black zirconium's deep hue gives your wedding band a modern feel. Moreover, they are known for having extraordinary endurance and resilience which is much needed for everyday use.

For instance, the Hypos Black Zirconium Hammered Men's Ring is lightweight, making it more comfortable to wear regularly. For individuals who value a modern and edgy look, this piece is an ideal one. The rugged yet simple look of the ring will impress you to the point you would want to get it customized.

Wrapping Up

While some might love to have a classic style of bands, others may prefer one with a contemporary style. However, the fact that it symbolizes love, commitment, and equality remains constant. 

At Gaboni Jewelers, you get to choose from a wide range of the Best Men's Wedding Bands. Starting from Forged Carbon Rings and Whiskey Barrel Rings to Titanium Wedding Rings, we have got you covered. Say the name and we have it presented before you.

So, men choose your favorite type of wedding ring that matches your style!