”” How do I choose a style and finish for a men's wedding ring?

How do I choose a style and finish for a men's wedding ring?

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There are not many options available for men's wedding rings. You usually get to choose from only one or two men's wedding band styles made with either gold, platinum, or sometimes Tungsten.

However, over recent years, men have got favored with luck to choose from a vibrant range of options ornamented as their wedding bands. Modern jewelry designers recognized the needs of men's wedding rings and brought new styles into existence. Men now have numerous options, such as a band that has written love quotations, a diamond gemmed band, or a tire tread band rather than something plain or old school. Let's break down all the aspects of men's wedding band styles to help you select the apt ring present that lasts forever. 

How to Pick Men's Wedding Bands? 

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It is tough to pick the right ring for your right one. Every unique wedding band has been created to suit the personality and style. Engagement and wedding ring becomes part of one's personality, they'll add on a pinch of romance in your daily life. It not only reflects your character but keeps you reminded of your partner's love.

A significant factor involves selecting your wedding ring as you use it in your daily life. And accordingly, you need a strong, challenging, resistance-proof wedding band that goes on for years. Here is a list of metals that replaced platinum, gold, silver through their looks, characteristics, and competence.

Forged Carbon Wedding Rings -

Forged Carbon is artificially created by chopped and compressed organic polymer by compressor mold. It is budget-friendly but comparatively expensive with other metals. Forged Carbon's men’s wedding rings give a matte finish look. It can easily dissolve and be combined with other metals too. Your carbon fiber wedding band can resist and sustain the hustle of daily life. Wearing forged carbon fiber rings reflects one's rough and challenging personality.

Titanium Wedding Bands -

Titanium Wedding Bands

Titanium is the most trendy metal for engagement rings. Titanium is durable, strong, resistant-free, lightweight, and cheaper than other precious metals. Titanium created its place in the market and people’s hearts in the last two decades. It opens up the way for those who cannot afford Gold or Platinum wedding bands for their partners. Commonly we all know and use Titanium in silver color to give a royal touch, especially to men's wedding rings.

Tungsten Wedding Rings -

Tungsten is one of the most precious metals for crafting wedding bands. It has high scratch resistance as compared to other similar metals. It is an excellent option to propose to your man at the wedding. Tungsten Carbide has a natural gray color, and it goes well with stones and crafting over the surface. 

Zirconium Rings -

Zirconium Rings

After Titanium, zirconium is the second most preferred metal for crafting wedding and engagement bands. It is complicated compared to characteristics of other metals but not as hard as Titanium. The metal is lightweight, durable, and mixed well with the other stones in the alloy form. Black Zirconium gives a classy and bold look to most men's engagement rings. Zirconium smartly signifies your traditional marriage.

Gunmetal Wedding Bands - 

Gunmetal finishing gives a shiny and smooth glaze on the rings. It suits best on metals like Tungsten. After using gunmetal finishing, the ring gained a new shine. Rings with stones or diamonds can also use Gunmetal polish on them.

Tire Tread Rings -

Nowadays, with the tire-marked-styled ring, men like to give a rough and bold look to their engagement or wedding ring. If your boyfriend or would-be husband is interested in car racing or similar adventure sports, you can choose a tire tread unique wedding bands for him.

Style Your Promise Ring - 

You now know the different kinds of metals and finishing used on a wedding or engagement ring. It is imperative to wisely choose the promise ring style as it will be with you forever. For choosing the right one, you still need to choose the design. It can be a plain silver ring coated with polish or a band beautified with diamonds around it. After deciding and matching up with your partners' personalities, you can only say that this is the one made for him