”” How important is a wedding ring?

How important is a wedding ring

Marked as an emblem of love through time, wedding rings synonymize the feeling of devotion, commitment, compassionate love, and respect that a couple shares. Whether a men’s or a women’s wedding ring, both certify an agreement between the two parties that not only attach them physically but emotionally as well. A ring is a circle with neither a beginning nor an end to it. It has been the traditional loop of love that extends to infinity. 

Rings are an emblem of companionship through time.

When a couple exchanges this loop of endless feelings, the commitment taken through vows and promises becomes stronger. This beautiful exchange signifies the couple embarking on a new journey where they decide to spend their lives together. The moment is beautiful, and so is the ring. 

Let’s now dedicate some illustrative facts individually that determine the importance of wedding rings all the more.

The smallest handcuffs imprisoning the lovers of all kinds...

1) A ring on your finger: a reminder of your love 

Seeing a wedding ring on your fingers serves as a reminder to you and your partner that both of you are so profoundly valued by each other. It makes you feel that you are the chosen one amongst thousands and so you are so special for him/her that he/she decided to spend the rest of their life with you. 

2) Your wedding ring embraces you both, symbolizing that your journey isn’t perfect, but you shall stick together till the end

Life isn’t perfect for anyone. One who ventures into this journey has to go through various ups and downs that are never pre-determined. Married life can only be made happy but not perfect. It is the ring that embraces you both and makes you realize the fact that you have to stick together till the end to fight all the imperfections to make yours a perfect one. When there are two bodies but one soul, two heads with a single thought, and two hearts with a single beat, you surely tune to the rhythm of her heart and vice versa.

3) A perfect gift to tune in to the rhythm of her heart 

Wedding rings being the symbol of true love, attachment, commitment, and affection hold a significant meaning towards the married couple. They are a token of a perpetual commitment that signifies the relationship's seriousness that seeks a bond forever. Furthermore, the ring can almost act as a memory itself as it can make you reminisce about all of the good times you have shared with your spouse in the past, in times when you miss them the most. 

4) The two circles with the hearts engraved have oaths and promises for a new life; you should feel the luckiest on the planet for this priceless gift

We all know that we have an ending. Wedding rings let your promise to live and love your partner till eternity but still, the souls remain mortal. See how priceless these rings become when they are still on your fingers while you die. They still are not leaving your partner even when you do. They remain there for a lifetime justifying your commitment to togetherness which could otherwise end up with emptiness. 

So cherish their presence and keep them with you forever!

Value your Wedding Ring just like your love for your companion

We are apparently living in the era of modernization and advancements, and the world of jewelry has also advanced. Today there are various latest trends and extraordinary designs available online when we talk of wedding rings either for men or women. The market is overwhelmed with these distinguishing circles of love and true dedication as a wholesome part of the jewels' arena. These circles are entirely unique, and the couple needs to respect and value it on their part since this would be the only permanent feeling attached till they die.