”” How to handpick man's wedding band

How to handpick man's wedding band ?

A man’s wedding band as the history says symbolises the very agreement of unconditional love and uncompromisable commitment between the two love birds. The similar sort of exchange of feelings takes place between the family members and the loved ones of the couple concerned. Exchange of the wedding bands means that the couple exchanges some vows, oaths, and promises.

For a man, his wedding band is not just a materialistic presence, it's a gesture of an eternal commitment. The ring is an overwhelming feeling of love and respect and also a personification of a bouquet of dignity, closeness, affection, modesty, and truthfulness etc.

When it comes to choosing a man’s wedding, there are just innumerable factors that count. The right choice of the budget, picking your metal, deciding on the wedding band profile, deciding the style, choosing the size, etc. all are very integral.

The symbol of love that is the wedding band should fit well in the finger since the nerve of the same finger attaches directly to the heart. The choice of the colour matters although yellow has always been the traditional choice. But if one shifts to contemporary style, then the colour choices would include red like rose, or grey tungsten or black titanium wedding bands for him can be just as stunning.

However, the tungsten-carbide rings have been the most trending and majorly prominent choice for wedding rings nowadays. So on this note, let’s see how those factors count when handpicking a man’s wedding band.

1) The budget has to be the priority

Looking at the factors, the budget of the wedding band for a man has to be the priority. The choice of the metal chosen here determines the suitability as per the pre-defined budget. It could be either gold, or silver, or platinum, or any other for that matter when it comes to having a precious ring made of costly metals. An irony of the fact these are the metals everyone cannot afford. This though does not allow the budget to be disturbing your wedding feast due to the presence of others not so precious yet attractive looking metals present. Titanium, zirconium, tungsten and steel are increasingly common wedding ring metals. They come with the benefits of being cheaper than metals like gold and platinum and ensure greater durability looking at the rough and tough life of men. The tungsten-carbide rings, in particular, are proving to be every man’s choice nowadays.

2) Selecting your metal and the metal finish that suits your style

Selecting a metal for your wedding band is entirely your choice. Your priorities define your style statement. The metal you choose for your wedding band tells your preference. Say, for instance, there are many metals available from platinum to gold to silver to sterling silver, etc.; it depends upon the look that you want to go for. Yellow gold has always been a man’s colour, although the tungsten-carbide wedding rings coming in great variety of colors and have been a major choice nowadays. The classically elegant look along with a glittering and shimmering finish is every man’s desire. Apart from the shiny and very lustrous finish of the other precious metals, the tungsten-carbide wedding rings also prove their mettle when it comes to finishing in particular. Choosing the kind of finishing with a wedding ring is also a matter of choices, just remembering the fact that “these rings now have to be worn for the rest of the life”.

3) Choosing a design that depicts your own style differently

Whether plain metal accents or gemstone accents or diamond accents, whatever the choice is should suit your style statement. It should depict you in a different way suiting your preferences and flavour. As the name suggests, the plain metals accents are simple and plain-looking that are less expensive. The varieties in colours and designs in the plain metal accents are also very subtle. The gemstone accents are made of semi-precious metals consisting of varying colours and design styles at different but close price ranges. The most valued out of all of them are diamond accents, typically small and brilliantly round cut, the diamond accents are flashy, lustrous and glimmering with higher price tags. So, ranges are many; the design and style of the wedding rings depend on options the type you pick. Remember the tungsten-carbide rings here prove their worth as they offer some distinguished and exquisite designs in latest trends that suit your budget.

4) The thickness and height of the ring determine the overall looks of it, so get it sized

With some men preferring a wider while the others preferring a much narrower look, the rings have to be sized by the preferences. The height and thickness of the rings may vary. Thereby, choosing the right measurements to determine the overall look of the wedding ring. Remember, it's a wedding ring for man and so it has to be sturdy, tough and durable. Being too delicate can make it look much feminine. The bulky look and the chunky feel have to remain intact while selecting your type of wedding ring. Moreover, comfort adds sophistication and comfortable wear is the key to love more, so the Comfort of wearing matters. Thus, choose your fit depending on your hand shape and size, you may want to get larger or smaller.

5) Compare the prices, shop around and then finalise

Greater varieties, increased price comparisons, analysing the price differences, finding out the latest in trend, are some determining steps you can consider.. while shopping and also before going to buy a man’s wedding ring. There are the rings for a lifetime and therefore you certainly need to shop around before making the final purchase. Taking your time in selecting these rings suits your choices well. They are to compliment your personality and style, and therefore it would be smart to go for a variety to look for rather than just limiting your search to a few. Also, when we talk of variety, the tungsten-carbide rings offer a great variety in style and design. So just go check them out and shop the best for yourselves!


Being the very emblem of forever love and togetherness, the buying wedding ring for your man should be picked after much exploration. Rings are the most precious gift to couples. Therefore, their selection is what determines what the couple would be exchanging for a lifetime. It’s that token that has to be with the couple for the rest of their lives and so bringing around what is the best and the latest in style and design is needed. Handpicking what‘s best for your man is a necessity since the wedding ring is a personification of love that deepens with time. Smart choices are needed also because this very ring is also the emblem of devotion and a forever agreement between two parties. The wedding ring reiterates the fact that the relationship has been made in heaven and so they have to love and cherish one another for the rest of their days.