”” New Trends in Tungsten Rings

New Trends in Tungsten Rings

You surely might have noticed the rising popularity of tungsten rings and their prominent types if you are not just a market observer but closely admire the jewelry market trends. The unforeseen rise in the popularity of tungsten jewelry has brought anticipation to break free from the shackles of the age-old traditions. With an increasing number of people opting for jewelry made with alternative metals, the pieces fit well within the budget, catering invaluably. Materialistically suiting and the intrinsic cost and longevity they offer make these alternative metals much more preferable. Out of all, tungsten wedding bands( the tungsten carbide bands in particular) serve the needs of the middlemen with high-quality, class, durability on offer. These affordable alternatives with quality craftsmanship are a thing of pride for the groom and the bride. 

Tungsten Wedding Bands for Men

Black tungsten rings

Wedding Bands for men

Black tungsten is made by shooting tiny particles of titanium zirconium alloy, which is black, at an extremely high velocity. The particles embed themselves into the surface of the tungsten ring. With the natural black colour embracing the surface, these pieces pair up well with any other outfit and are ideal wear for all occasions. Black polished and matte finish is what makes them a treat to the eyes.

Tungsten carbide rings

Tungsten Carbide Rings for men

Tungsten carbide is the most scratch-resistant metal alloy for making affordable yet high-quality jewelry pieces. The lush and the lustre of the tungsten carbide is no less than any precious metals, including diamonds. Their durability and resilience are top-notch. The metal alloy never cracks or breaks and stays long. Tungsten carbide is by far more potent than gold and silver. Their strength allows jewelers to fabricate high-quality wedding bands for commoners. 

Tungsten diamond rings

Tungsten Diamond Rings for men

Adding a mix of diamonds to an alloy of tungsten carbide is easily fabricated and can be done in various styles. The inlay of metals is the most scratch-resistant combination that becomes the best choice in terms of a higher value for money. With their hardness levels matching each other, a mixture as durable as this proves luxurious.  

Gold Tungsten rings

Gold Tungsten Wedding Bands

A tale of two metals, tungsten outplays gold in terms of hardness, durability and scratch resistance. The gold tungsten alloy proves an artistic masterpiece symbolising marriage in the best terms. The two metals pairing up seem like the ones in love who are in conjunction through these tokens of love and compassion that strengthens with time. All in all, a tale of two metals tells you their tale of togetherness.

Tungsten rings with metal inlays

Do you desire the very precious gold, silver or platinum metal layers covering your wedding bands that get replaced as per the trend? Could you own those precious metals on your fingers without seeking a hefty blow on your pockets? Well, the tungsten carbide wedding rings with the precious metal inlays let you get the most precious metal engraved in your bands and get them replaced simultaneously without significant wear and tear. Silver, gold, and platinum inlays give tungsten wedding bands that luxurious look. The contrast between the tungsten and the inlay metal draws attention to the ring with its added allure.