”” Unique Wedding Band Ideas For Unconventional Couples

Unique Wedding Band Ideas For Unconventional Couples

The world is full of great love stories. Some are conventional, filled with sugar, roses, astonishing co-incidents, sweet emotions, and tragedy, bringing two made-for-each-other souls together. While others are simply unconventional, born of two seemingly non-ordinary offbeat souls all set for wicked adventure, in which the whole world mysteriously conspires for the two to fall in love against all odds. 

Let’s be honest, growing up, we all have fantasized, at some point in our life, about the conventional ones that are etched on our hearts, thanks to cinema. However, in reality, away from the unreal world of fantasy, many of us became the characters of those unconventional love stories we didn’t pay much heed to at first glance. But to our surprise, those unconventional are as successful and unique as one would want their stories to be. 

In this blog, we are paying reverence to all those less talked about unconventional couples by creating a list of unique, beautiful wedding rings ideas to celebrate their love. Because love is love, be it conventional or not. So, let’s have a look.

1. Conan Tungsten Hammered Wedding Band

beautiful wedding ring

In beautiful offbeat coffee color, here is a unique and beautiful wedding ring, Conan Tungsten Hammered Wedding Band. This beautiful wedding ring is made of durable tungsten, a rare metal. This metal is known for its hardness which is close to the hardness of diamond. Also, tungsten is a hypoallergenic metal which means you can wear it without worrying about any allergic reactions on your finger. The feature that makes it unique is the texture this ring is graced with. These unique textures are created by hammering the ring. The impact of the hammer results in eccentric shapes of different sizes. You can get this ring engraved with your initials or favorite quotes of your choice symbolizing your extraordinary bond. 

  1. MIDA Brushed Tungsten Wedding Band
black zirconium ring

With an extra glam look in brushed texture, here is MIDA Brushed Tungsten Wedding Band. The minimalist design complements the unique choice of colors immaculately. The brushed dome top in the black color is enough to let the world know of the exceptional bond you share with each other. The shiny bands on both edges of this ring give it an alluring appeal. Being made of tungsten, it is durable, scratch resistant, and hypoallergenic.  Black wedding bands are the symbolism of power, strength, and belief in each other's love. Celebrate your exceptional love with this exceptional ring. 

  1. DIAMER Polished Tungsten Diamond Wedding Band
Tungsten Wedding Band

Being in unconventional love is about being different from usual. And replicating the same, here is our DIAMER Polished Tungsten Diamond Wedding Band. Studded with sparkly twinkling diamonds, it scatters its glamor wherever you’d go. The 12mm wide band is a reflection of uniqueness blended with class. This unique mens wedding band is made with stunning white tungsten carbide. The strength of enduring tungsten carbide symbolizes the strength of your eccentric companionship, further fortified with the hardness of diamonds. Get yourself ready to tie the traditional knot of the wedding with the not-so-traditional beautiful wedding ring.

  1. HYPOS Black Zirconium Hammered Wedding Band
Black Wedding Band

Unconventional bonds are attributed to the beautiful mesh of Daedalian feelings. And complementing your unconventional feelings, here is HYPOS Black Zirconium Hammered Wedding Band. It fosters intricate designs from the center to the edges. Lustrous and strong black zirconium is light in weight with a hardness similar to that of copper. Accoutered with a modern rugged style, this unconventional black zirconium ring is sure to grace your finger on your special day.

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