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What could replace diamonds in a wedding ring?

Engagement or wedding, the very first thing that comes to our mind is the glimmering diamond ring. Orchestrated with the hardest crystalline form of carbon, the gemstone's preciousness and quality seem class apart. Whether studded, be it yellow gold, white gold, or platinum, the solitaire diamond sparkles brilliance in any jewel piece. Owning a priceless presence, diamond is the ambassador of the gorgeous thing a woman could ever say yes to. However, the cost of diamonds does not favor a lot of pockets. Being the most expensive gemstone known, not all can celebrate the authenticity of a genuine diamond. People with medium to high budget ranges might still afford the marvel, but the low to mid ones find it difficult to acclimatize with its cost. What can they do?

Replace diamonds with equally beautiful gemstones

Alternative choices that are as lovely as diamonds still brim the market with versatility. Also,  if you want uniqueness and class in every bit, alternative gemstones find your best fit as elite and exclusive choices. Here at Gaboni Jewelers, picking an extraordinary gemstone is as easy as it can get. Bringing you a podium of their color, class, quality, and stature, the cream collection of diamond alternatives that could be affordable, durable, and long-lasting. Let's check them out. 

The natural masterclass diamond substitutes

1) Black zirconium rings

Serving antiquity for the modern jewelry era with their bold appearance and rigid framing, black zirconium rings have gauged the standards of wedding rings to new heights. Prepossessing, durable, long-lasting, and affordable, black zirconium proves an excellent replacement for diamond grafted wedding engagement rings.

2) Tungsten rings

Thanks to their classy demeanor, tungsten rings have a shine that won't fade throughout, ensuring longevity. Hard, durable, scratch-resistant, and long-lasting, the highly resplendent aura of the tungsten carbide wedding rings has gained a tremendous rise in popularity over the years. Tungsten rings have proven to be the actual show, an amalgamation of beauty, toughness, royal luster, and unique choices.

3) Forged carbon rings

Fashionable yet discreet, striking yet simple, and lightweight yet incredibly tough, forged carbon rings have been the new-found diamond alternatives. Being an illustrative choice as wedding ring material, forged carbon rings are made with unique forging methods. Carrying a signature marveled design, these rings reveal deep radiant layers and are the perfect fit for a smooth and comfortable appearance.

4) Titanium wedding bands

Titanium Wedding Bands

The lightest wedding band metal known till now, titanium is the emerging player in the wedding ring ecosystem. These are affordable, high-quality rings that surpass the other medium quality replacements and set higher standards. These rings are scratch and dent resistant, lightweight, durable, and the best hypoallergenic. Go online, buy the best collection and start wearing them now!

Contact Gaboni Jewelers and find your diamond substitute

Committed to providing inexpensive wedding rings, Gaboni Jewelers deal in high-quality and affordable jewelry making. Contradicting the concept of wasting thousands of dollars for your best fit, we provide a class for every category in society. Bringing up the perfect diamond-like substitutes, Gaboni Jewelers urges you to save money this time you go shopping for your diamond ring!