A stone ring can have more meanings than traditional patience, and it can tell fortune. Many couples choose stone rings or love bands because they represent relationships and luck. If you are a couple looking for a deeper and more personal meaning to your choice of engagement ring, a stone engagement ring may be right for you.

Interpretation of Stone Rings  
A stone ring has several meanings, but the most common is a representation of a relationship's past, present, and future. Each stone in the ring symbolizes undying love and companionship for a lifetime.
Another popular interpretation of the stone ring is loyalty, love, and friendship, considered essential building blocks of any relationship. This ring design also appeared in the Christian community, where it is said to represent the father, son, and Holy Spirit.

What does a stone ring mean?
The "Past, Present, and Future" ring is the superficial meaning of the stone diamond ring. A stone diamond ring can mean different things to different couples. Consisting of a stone diamond, the largest stone often symbolizes the present moment in which the team lives, while the smaller stones represent the past and future. For others, the diamond rings stones symbolize friendship, love, and loyalty. They are the foundation of any relationship.

The stones often symbolize the past, present, and future you have together as a couple. That is why they are often used as engagement rings because they reflect your story with your loved one and mark each stage of your life as a couple. 

Stone Diamond Ring

A slight variation of the earlier symbolism, the stone rings can often symbolize friendship, love, and loyalty.

A stone band/Rings words with a beautiful meaning - many people think of the stones literally as just another way of saying "I love you" - a great reminder every time you look at your engagement ring.

Many people think a stone ring is a perfect gift for your partner as a "push gift" (a gift after the birth of a baby). The stones are then symbols of your family. You, your partner, and the exciting new life you've welcomed into the world. 
Although these are the most popular meanings behind stone rings, you can always break from tradition and create your intention behind the stones.
Wedding stone bands or rings can also symbolize the bond of families brought together as part of an engagement. Smaller stones can represent the families of the bride and groom, while the larger stone can describe the formation of a new family. A stone diamond ring can also represent the new family if the newlywed's plans to have their first child within a few years.

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What does a Gaboni stone ring symbolize to you?
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