”” Which metal makes the best wedding ring?

Which metal makes the best wedding ring?

A wedding is one of the best parts of life. Exchanging rings can be one of the most fabulous and thrilling to anyone. Nobody wants to compromise on choosing a perfect ring. Many think gold or platinum are only options but their sky-touching prices always make us wonder if we should buy it or not. Nowadays there are several other metal options that are in trend and people are buying them.

Let’s have a look at those new metals and find out why they’re in demand?

Titanium -

Titanium is the most popular and trendy metal for engagement rings. Titanium has almost replaced gold as it is durable, strong, resistant-free, lightweight, and moreover much cheaper than metal like Platinum, Gold, and other precious metals. It can be mixed with alloy to give it different pigments. Generally, it is available in silver color to give a royal touch, especially to men’s wedding rings.

Black Zirconium -

Zirconium is the sister metal of Titanium as it has no specific color. But after heating, it gets the magnificent black color. Talking about its characteristics, it’s hard in comparison to other metals but not as hard as Titanium. Super lightweight, durable, and can go well with the combination of other metals and stones. Black Zirconium gives a very classy and bold look to mostly men’s engagement rings. Signifies your married symbol in a trendy way.

Forged Carbon - 

Carbon composite or Forged carbon are nowadays manmade. In the process, carbon composite (organic polymer) is chopped and compressed by compressor mold. It is a little expensive from all the above metals but still fits in your budget. Forged Carbon has a matte finish look of Carbon which gives your engagement ring an extraordinary touch. And can be designed with other metals and stones.

Tungsten Carbide - 

Currently, the most lovable metal is Tungsten wedding rings for men. It is also known for its high scratch-resistant metal quality. Tungsten has grown its own market base all over the world. Tungsten Carbide has a natural grey color and it goes well with stones and crafting over the surface. 

Men’s Tungsten rings prefer light crafting on their engagement rings.

White Tungsten -

A few years back the market was introduced with White Tungsten. Tungsten is plated with platinum and gets its white color. It is created to replace heavy platinum. It has qualities such as durability, lightweight, stain resistance and gives a fabulous look when crafted as rings. White Tungsten glace and color make it more vulnerable to wear for your whole life. 

Prefer what’s best 

In the market, there are other metals but the above-mentioned metals are more reliable than others. These metals have the best reviews in the world from different users. The auspiciousness of an occasion such as a wedding is once in a lifetime moment. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money only on rings. You have options to experiment and make your moment trendy and cherishing. Visit Gaboni Jewelers to get all kinds of wedding bands or rings to cherish your special moment and make it worth memorable.