”” Will My Tungsten Wedding Ring Rust, Tarnish, or Oxidize?

Will My Tungsten Wedding Ring Rust, Tarnish, or Oxidize?

Jewelry-grade tungsten rings are high-quality and utterly pure. They will not oxidize or tarnish when left exposed for a longer period due to prolonged usage. Here, the best examples could be the tungsten-carbide wedding rings that are the most durable and scratch-resistant variety of tungsten wedding rings. High-grade is sure not to rust until it is made an alloy by mixing tungsten with lower grade base metals such as cobalt or nickel for making ornaments and accessories. 

When put to use, the industrial-grade tungsten alloy oxidizes or suffers corrosion, thereby not promising any longevity and blemish-free usage. Not all tungsten rings used as jeweler-grade metals succumb to corrosion, and not all stay corrosion-free at the same time. You need to invest in a tungsten wedding ring variety after understanding how it rusts, the reactions of the leading metal to the elements and the surroundings, and what alloy to consider if not going for pure tungsten!

What causes rust, oxidation, or corrosion?

It is to be made sure that the lower quality base metals prone to rust and corrosion are not present in your ring made of pure tungsten. You have to study the category of metals that subjugate the alloy. The quality chosen has to be premium, especially if the tungsten wedding ring is an alloy. The right combination of various metals that reduce the cost, improve the strength, reduce the risk of corrosion, etc., has to be chosen to fabricate men’s wedding bands. 

We should know that the occurrence of rust and corrosion is prolonged exposure to oxygen and moisture that lets the metals lose their luster and finish. They turn patina or are then termed tarnished. Different metals rust differently when subjected to oxidation. Some examples of metals that oxidize faster than others include titanium, gold, cobalt, etc.  

Will a pure tungsten ring oxidize by any chance? If not, how long can it be maintained?

Pure tungsten rings don’t crack, break or shatter. They feature unparalleled scratch and corrosion resistance and are pure in quality. They are hard and practically indestructible unless and until forced into extreme physical changes, especially heating. A pure tungsten comes with the ability to withstand high-heat conditions without succumbing to corrosion or any oxidation. A jewelry-grade tungsten alloy ring won’t bend down or deform due to day-to-day wear and tear and lasts long. 

Tungsten carbide rings, in particular, are extremely tough and won’t allow any scratch marks, blows, cracks, or deformations to occur even when worn regularly for a practically long period. These rings are so prominent that the most experienced jewelers can guarantee a lifetime warranty or a replacement cover. On average, tungsten rings last 2-5 years before maintenance is required. However, it can last forever if you take good care of it. You can take it to your local jewelers for cleaning and polishing.

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The world favors tungsten for its high-temperature resistance, hardness, and density. People from all grades and societies have been appreciating the durability and strength of tungsten. The most recent advancements in the world of tungsten wedding rings allow them to be on the rise in popularity. With men and women valuing indispensability over the materialistic class, tungsten wedding and engagement rings and their varieties have surpassed gold and silver in jewelry making. Contact Gaboni and order your favorite collection now!