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Imagine a world full of people looking like each other. How would that be? Confounding and chaotic, right?   With no unique features existing, everything would become boring. However, thankfully our world is full of variations. Variations of colors, size, features, etc. These variations are the outcome of the different features which make them unique. And just like that, your idiosyncrasies make you unique. It not only sets you apart from the rest but also gives you your own identity.  And when it comes to fashion, your eccentricity, style, and your taste in jewelry define your unique personality. To let you flaunt your distinctiveness, we, Gaboni Jewelers have handpicked some one-of-its-kind well-crafted rings from our magnificent range of ring collections. Let’s...

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What Metal makes the Best Wedding Ring

Wedding bands and rings have been the symbol of love and commitment since the middle ages. The groom would give the bride and her family a valuable ring to show his devotion to the marriage and that he would never walk away from this bond. Isn’t it so beautiful? A mark of a forever promise and wearing it all the time to show your partner how you embrace them and take pride in your bond! If you are looking for something which aligns with the theme of commitment, then surely you must go for Tungsten metal. Tungsten wedding bands are much less expensive than those made of gold or silver and, when coupled with carbon, are three to five times...

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Every nuance suits a man’s lifestyle, his belongings, his art of making love, and that rugged personality, the ring type innately resonates with a man’s personality. The simple, sophisticated, and yet rustic appearance is inspiringly breathtaking. Your ring will have its nuance with the whiskey barrel wood grain pattern making it truly one of a kind. A perfect husband material adding to the fam and glam showcasing how subtly the manly personas dress! An offshoot to the traditional brave quality of being brave and strong, this whiskey barrel ring men’s wedding band is super light, fights right and tends to emulate all the handsome charm. We could go on and on and add in praise the connotations that define the...

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Wedding bands for men should definitely receive the same consideration as those for ladies. It's critical to select a wedding band that is as distinctive as you are—one that looks fantastic and complements your way of life.  Because your wedding band will serve as a permanent reminder of your commitment to one another and possibly the only item of jewelry you will wear, pick one that speaks to you and has special meaning for you. We've included our professional guidance below to assist you in making the best metal selection for the wedding bands you and your partner will wear.  It also holds true for men's and women's wedding bands, so you may buy rings for either gender using the...

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  An essence as pure as a rose gold wedding ring unfurls through the innate feel and emotion that prolifically disperses through the shimmer of the metal alloy quite brightly when your man wears it at the center stage. It’s a color and an aura so prominent that the rings no matter what the skin tone guarantee elegance and sophistication. Not an extravagant wedding ring choice to make, rose gold offers the utmost durability, strength, and scratch resistance with an imperial finish in a budget-friendly range. Not falling heavy on your pockets and still giving you the best of both the contemporary and modern jewelery world, it's a deal worth a call! Rose gold wedding rings for men-A State of...

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